Do vaccinations cause more illness than they prevent?

As with any medicinal product, whether for human or animal use, an adverse reaction is possible. But serious adverse reactions are exceptionally rare. Pet vaccines are tested thoroughly for both safety and efficacy.

Claims by an anti-vaccine group, that vaccination causes high level of illness, were recently investigated in a independent epidemiological study involving almost 4,000 dogs. There was no evidence to suggest that dogs suffered any increased level of illness after vaccination.

No pet owner is under any legal or other obligation to vaccinate their animals – it’s something we recommend simply because it offers a significant health benefit: it protects your pet from serious illness.

Are combination vaccines more likely to provoke adverse reactions than single shots?

There is no intrinsic additional risk.

Combination vaccines must be tested as combinations and compared to the single components in respect of both safety and efficacy. There is no evidence to suggest that the combination vaccines currently available for pets are less safe or efficacious than single products.

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