Should we vaccinate our pets at all?

Vaccination has been one of the great success stories of veterinary medicine, and has saved countless thousands of animals. But these days - thanks, largely, to vaccination - infectious disease is much less obvious; and of course in the UK, the MMR debate seems to have damaged the reputation of vaccines in general.

More recently, there's been discussion in the media about pet booster vaccinations. Are they really essential to your pets health? Or are they just a way for your vet to make money?

This site endeavours to answer these questions and many more, as fully and openly as possible.

Infectious diseases used to kill thousands of pets every year

It's worth remembering that many of the pet diseases we vaccinate against are killers.

Whereas a child with mumps will almost certainly get better, an unvaccinated dog that contracts parvovirus can easily die. Only vaccination can prevent these diseases in animals exposed to infection. Even those who question the need for annual boosters are strongly supportive of vaccination overall.