How much is your dog at risk?




ParvovirusWidespread pocketsSevere disease, often fatal
DistemperCurrently no significant outbreaks in the UK. Major outbreak in Finland some years ago when one vaccine failed Severe disease, potentially fatal
Infectious Canine HepatitisFairly uncommon in the UK, but still existsSevere disease, potentially fatal
LeptospirosisExposure to infection is relatively common. One form is carried in rat urine.Can be fatal in dogs, but may also be transmitted to humans, where it can cause a very serious infection called Weill’s Disease
Kennel coughRemains widespread in dogs, particularly those exposed to high risk environments such as boarding kennels and showsExtremely unpleasant but rarely life threatening (except in the old or very young)
RabiesNo cases in UKSevere disease, always fatal. Vaccination required only for travel abroad
CoronavirusWidespreadMild disease, always self-limiting