Puppy parties

Early socialisation of puppies - and the related process, early habituation - are the two single most important factors in ensuring a balanced and well-behaved adult dog. Therefore, a puppy needs to learn how to interact normally with adults, children, other dogs and pets (socialisation), as well as become used to everyday noises such as household appliances, cars, the countryside and city (habituation).

For puppies, these ‘life experiences’ start from birth and last until about 14 weeks of age. Anything a puppy experiences during this time will become part of its life. After that age, unfamiliar objects and experiences can cause a fearful response (sometimes extremely fearful) and could ultimately lead to aggression.

Attending puppy classes will give you the opportunity to introduce your puppy to a new environment and lifestyles, allowing socialisation and habituation of your new pet in a safe, friendly environment.

Contact your local vet to find out more about puppy classes in your area.

Puppy parties socialisation image