Puppy School

Giving puppies the opportunity of experiencing as much about life as possible at an early age is really important if owners want a well-socialised dog. Whilst proper socialisation and habituation is really important, so is making sure they are well trained in basic commands! This is where as an owner you make the jump from puppy parties to Puppy School!

MSD Animal Health is keen to support this early education process and is delighted to announce that it has linked up with leading behaviourist, Gwen Bailey, and her Puppy School initiative. Puppy School is a UK network of puppy class tutors trained in animal behaviour. These tutors offer pet owners socialisation and reward-based training classes which are very gratifying for the owner and the animal and are run to a very high standard.

Since the launch of the 10-week finish for MSD Animal Health’s dog vaccines, MSD Animal Health has supported practices with early socialisation and puppy parties. Recently, the range of support materials MSD Animal Health offers to Nobivac users enabling them to run a puppy party was upgraded, and one of the new items is the ‘Sounds for Life’ CD, which is available for sale at a price of £1.00. For each CD sold, MSD Animal Health will donate £0.25 to the Puppy School.

For further details about your nearest Puppy School class, simply log on to the website – www.puppyschool.co.uk